Dipont International Education Research Institute
As a subsidiary of Dipont Education Management Group, Dipont International Education Research Institute takes it as mission to do research on the development and localization of international education, providing the feasibility and solutions to the implementation of China’s K-12 international education. It is organized into four segments:
K-12 Comparative Education Research Center
Through comparative research on ideals, policies as well as practices of K-12 education between China and Western countries , we provide an insight to the connection between oversea higher education and China’s K-12 education, contributing to the localization of international curricula and the improvement of China’s education system.
WE-World Education Magazine
WE-World Education magazine, jointly published by Dipont since 2011, is a bilingual source of ideas and inspiration for Chinese students who are taking international high school programs and/or interested to study abroad.
Liberal Arts Curriculum Research Center
The Research Center is aimed at cultivating students to be open-minded,socially responsible and critically thinking as a future citizen and leader while elevating their language and academic competency as a whole.With professional educators from both China and the US, based on their research on English courses and Liberal Arts courses from American private schools, the Research Center develop Liberal Arts courses, which meets with the demands of Chinese students.
Extracurricular Activity Center
NSDA China

Dipont works with the National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) to offer a multi-layered academic debate program for Chinese young people. Founded in 2012, NSDA China is responsible for local, district, and national level tournaments. NDSA China has launched National High School Academic Debate Tournament — a public forum style English-medium debate tournament and attracted 6,000+ debaters from high schools across China.

EdTA China

Founded in 2014, EdTA China is a subsidiary body of The Educational Theater Association (EdTA) and is the organization’s only official representative in China. EdTA China offers drama courses, workshops in various cities. Every year, EdTA China will regularly hold several large-scale drama festivals and a wide range of summer/winter camp or school projects.
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