Bilingual immersion experience
Children will learn and develop under the guidance of English speaking teachers and bilingual Chinese teachers. The program offers a bilingual immersion experience, where the English language is integrated into all activities throughout the day.
Teacher qualifications and staff development
Our teachers will be well qualified and experienced and will follow an ongoing program of teacher development so that they are always up to date with current research and practice.
Dipont has developed a unique international kindergarten curriculum drawing upon best practice from the China, the UK and North America. The curriculum is child centered and draws upon the latest thinking in child development and early education. Teachers plan a balance of child led and teacher initiated activities, covering a range of topics and themes throughout the year that are highly relevant to young children in the context of their community.
Themes and activities are developed and delivered in the Chinese language (Mandarin) and in English, with teachers working closely together to support children's learning in both languages.
Our content domains focus upon: Personal and social development, Physical Development and the Development of Communication and Language (Mandarin and English), including the literacy skills of reading and writing. We equally emphasize scientific and mathematical understanding, expressive and creative arts and Information Technology.
We aim to develop effective young learners through playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically. Our program will be measured against outcomes at each stage of development.
Assessment is essential to good practice and is mainly carried out at this stage of learning through careful observation. This enables teachers to individualize the program for each child and to provide experiences to support their learning and development.
Each child has a 'Learning Journey' record that will be shared regularly with parents. On entry to our program, an initial assessment will be made for each child and parents will be key contributors to this information. Progress is carefully monitored in order to guarantee that value is added to learning through our program. At the end of each semester a summary report will be drawn up and shared with parents.
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