Official Response to Reuters’ Distorted Report on Dipont Education


Reuters published a news article entitled "How a Chinese company bought access to admission officers at top U.S. colleges" on October 14, 2016. Following a problematic line of reasoning, this article draws heavily from observations from eight former Dipont employees, quotes interviews with Dipont’s senior executives out of context and not without misrepresentations, while ignoring dozens of US college admissions officers who have said the contrary. By mispresenting legitimate educational exchange between U.S. and China as illegitimate transactions between Dipont and U.S. college admissions officers, this article attempts to undermine China’s public education system and well-known U.S. colleges with this unfounded charge of "corruption" and discredit China’s K-12 education, and at the same time, seek publicity by producing a piece of sensational yet untruthful news.

Dipont solemnly announces that, as a pioneer in introducing American-style counseling system to China, Dipont has always held integrity and transparency as essential principles and spared no effort in promoting the healthy development of China’s college counseling sector. Above all, Dipont has never attempted to influence the recruiting and admissions decisions by U.S. colleges in any way that is not appropriate.

Dipont will refute at a later time the so-called facts and allegations in the Reuters article line by line. Dipont also retains the right to take legal actions.

Dipont Education

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