Dipont runs an in-house team to conduct ongoing research of domestic and international K-12 standards, highly regarded college preparatory programs including A-Level, IBDP and AP, and admissions requirements of top tier overseas higher education institutions. Due to an extensive knowledge base built over twenty years Dipont are able to advise with authority on classroom teaching and school operation. Our team also follows the latest trends in learning theory and technology, as well as changes in education policy and regulation.
Drawing on its experiences and expertise, Dipont provides comprehensive consulting services to schools interested in offering international curriculum, ranging from need analysis and feasibility study, to project proposal drafting and operational plan formulation.
In deciding what courses to offer, we consider the relevance and importance of subject matter, academic rigor, college recognition, requirement of students' prior learning and English proficiency, availability of teachers and resources, and other school-specific factors.
Dipont has developed its own EAP courses (English for Academic Purpose) and skills-based TOEFL/SAT courses to better address students' needs.
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