To better prepare students for post-secondary success, Dipont employs a systematic solution by introducing a College Counseling Program (ACCP) to its partner schools. ACCP borrows from proven guidance counseling practice in U.S. high schools and is carefully tailored to the needs of Dipont students. As an in-house program, ACCP spans over three years of high school and is carried out by dedicated professionals with an international education background.
The cornerstones of the program are: development of integrity, decision-making skills, and in-depth pursuit of interests. Counselors work closely with students, in weekly/bi-weekly workshops and group/individual counseling sessions, to help students identify their strengths, align their interests to long-term college and career goals, and develop personalized learning plans towards these goals. In doing so, counselors strictly adhere to the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice and promote equitable access to resources.
Besides counseling students, Dipont takes a step further and seeks to build trust at an institutional level. Dipont invites admissions representatives from top U.S. colleges to Dipont's partner schools every year, to compare notes with school leaders, give presentations and host Q&A sessions. Face-to-face communication and trust-based relationships help to address information asymmetry and enable students and colleges alike to make informed decisions.
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