ENREACH academic enrichment program is designed to prepare students for success in college and professional life. In college, top U.S. postsecondary institutions in particular, students will be faced with the challenges of reading and writing that demands a completely different approach than the majority of what they have been exposed to before. These challenges begin with critical thinking and also include public speaking, advanced writing and reading techniques, cultural awareness, academic independence and working with others.
By providing students with both structured opportunities and a safe environment to pursue education in the spirit of free inquiry, this program prepares to tackle these challenges through developing strong and transferable intellectual and practical skills.
The backbone course of the program is Critical Reading and Writing, complemented by Global Perspectives, US History, Public Speaking, Academic Debate, Drama, and English Through Media. All courses are taught in English by experienced instructors, so that students will improve overall language competency while building essential academic and practical skills.
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