Academic debate is a highly regarded extra-curricular activity in the United States, as it develops a multiplicity of virtues in students — confidence, courage, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, clear communication, leadership and team spirit. Besides academic and personal growth, debate also gives students a significant edge in college admissions.
To get more students in China to participate in debate and benefit from that experience, Dipont works with the National Speech & Debate Association and Harvard Debate Council in the United States to offer a multi-layered academic debate program for Chinese young people. Veteran American debate coaches are hired to teach elective classes in schools, provide guidance to student clubs, and train local teachers.
With generous support from Society for Cultivating Innovators and Innovation Method Society in China, Dipont launched National High School Academic Debate Tournament — a public forum style English-medium debate tournament in 2012 and attracted 1,000+ debaters from high schools across China. With popularity of academic debate on the rise, the 2013-14 season proudly accommodated more than 2,000 participants, making it the largest English-medium debate program in China.
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