The College Application Prep Camp is designed by Dipont and CACE to help high school students in China gain a deeper understanding of American higher education and make better informed decisions in college application. The first camp dated back to the summer of 2009. Taking place in Wuxi, China, it was well-received by participants and diverse stakeholders. With generous support and input from partner institutions, Dipont and CACE proudly see the Camp evolving into a celebrated annual event in China.
Lasting from eight days to two weeks, the Camp features special topic seminars, workshops and counseling sessions led by experienced admissions officers from U.S. institutions and expert guidance counselors. They would go over major components of college application, address common misconceptions about college admissions, help students identify their strengths and encourage students to pursue educational excellence. Each year, 140 plus college-bound students took advantage of the Camp to accelerate their application preparation and have their questions about the admissions process and American college life answered.
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